Good And Right Media Socialization

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Imam Farisi
Bardiati Ulfah


Social media Social media is very useful for humans like it can be used for education, business, socialization, information media and so on. In Tanjung Harapan Village, Alalak District, Barito Kuala Regency, South Kalimantan, there are several strategic issues facing the village, one of which is about social media. Documents from the village head's office mention uncontrolled use of social media. Social media addiction results in less productive time. Not a little time is used to post photos, create statuses, comment on photos posted by others. So there needs to be education about social media that is good and right. The purpose of socialization activities is to control the use of social media. The target of this activity is the general public. Educational materials cover impact, ethics, offences, and add practical advice to help reduce social media addiction. The posters and socialized to residents around the village then disseminated on social media Instagram and YouTube videos In this socialization activity, the excpected result that the knowledge of the village community is wider about good and correct social media and can reduce the use of uncontrolled social media to become more controlled.

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