Arranging Neighborhood Markers to Improve Physical Marking of RT 09-10 in Berangas Barat Village, Barito Kuala

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Redha Maulana
Hanny Maria Caesarina


Berangas Barat Village is one of the villages in Kecamatan Alalak, Kabupaten Barito Kuala. This village has 16 neighborhoods, namely Rukun Tetangga (RT) which lies in a quite large continuous area of land. Nevertheless, there are no neighborhood boundary markers in Berangas Barat Village. Neighborhood markers are important to indicate the address of an area. The absence of neighborhood boundary markers may cause difficulties in dividing and addressing the village. Hence, this community service intended to arrange neighborhood markers in Berangas Barat Village to improve the quality of physical marking. In this community service, RT 09-10 were chosen as a pilot project due to its problems with damaged roads which make it even more difficult to identify each RT. Field surveys and interviews were done before designing the markers. As a result, this community service produced two boundary markers to arrange and improve the physical boundary marking in Berangas Barat. After installation, a series of interviews were conducted with the local community to evaluate the signs and the feedback from the local community was very positive, they hope the local government pays more attention to the facilities in their village.

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Maulana, R., & Caesarina, H. M. (2022). Arranging Neighborhood Markers to Improve Physical Marking of RT 09-10 in Berangas Barat Village, Barito Kuala. Prosiding Pengembangan Masyarakat Mandiri Berkemajuan Muhammadiyah (Bamara-Mu), 2(1), 153–157. Retrieved from


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