Educating PKK Mothers about Social Media/Hoax

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Novita Sari
Noor Baiti


In the current era, the public is facilitated by social media in various interests such as exchanging information. Information dissemination is not only provided by news pages that are widely known by the general public, but can also be disseminated by internet users. Fake content to deceive the public by converting the actual content into inappropriate content with the aim of deceiving the public. To overcome this problem, pamphlets will be distributed to the public regarding social media/hoaxes.

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Sari, N., & Baiti, N. . (2022). Educating PKK Mothers about Social Media/Hoax. Prosiding Pengembangan Masyarakat Mandiri Berkemajuan Muhammadiyah (Bamara-Mu), 2(1), 339–342. Retrieved from


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