Design Of Learning Area Of Al-Qur'an Education Park (TPQ) In Puntik Luar Village

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azhari azhari
mira mira


Al Quran Education Park (TPQ) is an institution engaged in the religious field. Al-Qur'an Education Park (TPQ) is also a suitable institution to develop Islamic symbols to deepen reading and writing of the Qur'an and other religious activities in the surrounding environment. The implementation of the activities is divided into three stages, the activities in the design and production process are as follows: 1. Planning 2. Design and production 3. The Independent Authentic Work (KKN) which was held in the Puntik Luar Design Village was warmly welcomed by the surrounding community, starting from children. children, teenagers to adults. Before starting each activity in the village of Puntik Luar, interviews were conducted with the village head and village secretary in the area from the start.After understanding the identification of several problems that exist in Puntik Luar Village, then some problems and the current situation of Puntik Luar Village are drawn. One of the current phenomena is recitation for children in Puntik Luar Village. Al-Qur'an learning activities for village children took place in the learning area of Puntik Luar village. Learning activities should demand comfort and security so that students can understand the material as well as possible.The current teaching and learning process is partly done face-to-face. Children in Puntik Luar village take advantage of the learning facilities provided by the village. Comfort and security are factors that have a significant effect on the learning process and student psychology. One solution that can be given is to design a study area that promises to increase the impression of security and comfort in learnin.

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